The Missing Link: Role of Link Analysis & Content Marketing in Tomorrow's SEO, Rio SEO

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ClickZ Academy case study

Company: ClickZ Academy

Published: 22 August 2013

Business Area: Search Optimization

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As search engines continue to penalize poor link building techniques what is a marketer to do when it comes to proper link analysis and how can they avoid becoming a casualty of the war against link spam?

Join Dixon Jones, of Majestic SEO and Pete Dudchenko of Rio SEO as they explore the changing linking landscape over the past year and what role link analysis will continue to have as SEO evolves and search engines update their algorithms.

Pete Dudchenko, VP of Product Management, Rio SEO
Dixon Jones, Marketing Director, Majestic SEO

Pete DudchenkoPete Dudchenko is the VP, Product Management of Rio SEO. Pete originally joined Rio SEO's parent company, Covario, seven years ago at the inception of the company. He has been involved in the entire software development lifecycle. Currently, Pete manages the roadmap and strategic direction for Rio SEO's lineup of software modules and automation tools. He has more than twelve years of software development experience, and has spent the last six years in online marketing and advertising.

Dixon JonesDixon Jones became the Marketing Director of the world's largest link analysis engine, Majestic SEO, in 2009, transforming the SE industry by providing link intelligence on a scale not previously open to the industry. Bringing the technology to the search marketing industry has resulted in two best SEO Technology awards and a user base of thousands from WordTracker to Microsoft. The data provides users with detailed link data from anchor text to crawl date.

He has worked at the forefront of search marketing since 1999, since he set up the UK based search marketing consultancy, Receptional. During that time, Dixon has been a consistent presenter on the search conference circuit all over the world and has helped clients in all sectors - including national papers and international search engines themselves to understand their own search strategy. His consulting clients come from a wide variety of difficult sectors, from travel to gambling.

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