Social Media Analytics - Making Customer Insights Actionable

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IBM case study

Company: IBM

Published: 11 April 2014

Business Area: Social Media

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



Social media is re-shaping the way organizations engage their customers and nurture their relationship to brands, products and services. What separates the winners and losers in the social media space is the ability to:

  • Integrate information from diferent data sources to drive the business through deeper consumer insight;
  • Define what your brand is worth — its equity, reputation and loyalty — at any moment anywhere in the world; and,
  • Understand emerging consumer trends and apply predictive models to determine actions with the highest probability to increase relevance and maximize ROI of marketing campaigns.

This paper describes the role social media can play in presenting a more strategic view of customer data and how the right combination of technologies can deliver insight to help companies more efectively meet perpetually shifting consumer demands expressed through, and inluenced by, these dynamic communication channels. It covers the implications for not only marketing and sales, but also IT and considers how and why social media tools and applications can be integrated with existing technology investments.