The Quick Guide to Conversation Analytics

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Convirza case study

Company: Convirza

Published: 28 January 2014

Business Area: Marketing Strategies

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



Stay up to date on the latest innovation in call tracking analytics and customer intelligence.

Basic call tracking tells you what happened before the call. Conversation Analytics tells you what happened on the call. Know good leads from bad leads, phone conversion rates and sales made, initial sales inquiries vs. returning customers: all this to help you attribute leads to their sources, understand marketing ROI, and get even better at driving quality leads.

420 billion words are spoken on business phone calls EVERYDAY.

Learn how businesses are automatically analyzing phone conversations:

  • Know which calls convert to sales
  • Know which campaigns produce the best leads
  • Identify missed opportunities
  • Measure how sales perform on the call

To get this info, businesses can listen to every call...or use Conversation Analytics.

Automate Actions from conversation data:

Use the data gathered from conversation analysis to trigger automation and workflows:

  • Missed opportunity? Automatically send an alert to a sales manager.
  • High quality lead? Businesses automatically create a CRM prospect and marketing agencies can charge more on their PPC bidding platform.

The automation opportunities are limitless.

Learn more about the greatest innovation in call tracking that's helping businesses automatically analyze the content of a call and automate actions from the results.