5 Ways to Prove Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

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Convirza case study

Company: Convirza

Published: 28 January 2014

Business Area: Analytics & Data

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



Do you have a clear picture of your marketing ROI? Are you tracking offline conversions with actual data?

Good marketing today is more and more about marketing metrics and calculated returns. IBM reports that 90% of CEOs are demanding more hard data about marketing ROI from CMOs and marketing departments. Makes sense: a clear understanding of marketing ROI enables businesses to make smart marketing spend decisions. And with advancing analytics technology, there is no excuse to not measure your ROI from campaign to closed sale.

Call tracking does for offline conversion attribution what web analytics does for online conversions. Call tracking fills in the black hole when a customer converts offline via a phone call. Call tracking is a MUST HAVE tool for marketers who want the full picture of their marketing ROI.

In this White Paper you'll learn:

  • How businesses use call tracking to measure ROI
  • How to plug call tracking into Google Analytics
  • 5 critical marketing metrics you gain by using call tracking
  • The 5 things every marketer misses if they are not using call tracking
  • How to implement call tracking at your business