How to optimise your Salesforce experience

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Ciber case study

Company: Ciber

Published: 07 February 2014

Business Area: Analytics & Data

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



If you are currently using Salesforce are you confident that you are getting the most from your solution?

Without the proper support, you and your organisation may not have the bandwidth of skills and resources to advise you correctly, and keep you up to date with the optimum solution to support you into the future. In-house Salesforce administrators and developers are commonplace today and many customers are self-sufficient, but do they have the knowledge and experience gained from multiple implementations across many industry sectors.

Ciber strongly recommends partnering with a certified partner to combat risk and ensure best practice with your solution. Let Ciber help you with our Ciber Optimisation Programme for Salesforce Users. We will undertake a review of how your system is being used in your organisation, assess this against your current organisational needs and then make a set of recommendations to address these.

What will the Ciber Optimisation Programme for Salesforce Users Give Me?
• Free system audit of your Salesforce solution
• Written recommendations and technical advice to enhance your solution and ensure best practice
• Guidance on system design & architecture and integration issues
• Get expert advice on the latest release and how to maximise this within your organisation
• How to expand the solution across your enterprise


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