Marketing Apps for Lead Generation

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ion interactive case study

Company: ion interactive

Published: 08 May 2014

Business Area: Media Buying

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You need leads? If so, then it’s likely you’ve been using one of the key tactics in the unofficial lead-gen marketer’s playbook: Drive traffic into campaign landing pages that include an offer and a form. For years, that’s about as complex as it got when it came to scooping up lots of leads online. But with competition for time, attention and hand-raisers heating up intensely with each passing day, this old standby tactic is becoming less effective, and leads are becoming harder & harder to capture.

If you are a marketer tasked with generating high quality, engaged leads, you already know it’s hard enough to get a lead, let alone a great one. Your visitors expect usefulness, relevancy, and interactivity from you, and those expectations directly impact your ability to get those visitors to complete your form. ‘Good enough’ lead-gen landing pages no longer provide good enough results. Online visitors expect more. As competition heats up and marketers seek strategies to generate quality leads in the face of increased clutter and higher expectations, marketing apps provide new opportunities for more engagement and higher conversion rates. Marketing apps turn tired lead-gen campaigns into modern high-performing lead-gen machines.

Adding marketing apps to your lead-gen touchpoints - both within your main website as well as within your landing pages - creates an opportunity for much higher conversion rates. The old tactic of putting a form on a simple landing page with a white paper offer is so over. And interactive marketing apps are an easy way to engage & convert your traffic.

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