Innovative Branded Content Campaigns to Drive Engagement, Dave McMullen

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SES case study

Company: SES

Published: 13 September 2013

Business Area: Social Media

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Social Media is incredibly diverse, and there are three options people have when engaging with it: they can consume it, connect with it, or create it. The panel poses the question, what are people doing with your content, and did this happen - because your strategic planning or by accident? This session will provide valuable insight on meaningful ways build campaigns shape your brand and drive targeted consumer engagement. This talk will challenge listeners to build bigger and better campaigns that will increase engagement, and give them the tools to do so. Attend this session to learn:

  • Examples of the most - and least - effective engagement practices of popular campaigns from brands such as Pepsi, AXE, Dos Equis and Evian.
  • What consumption, connection and creation look like in practice, and which is best for YOUR brand.
  • What will the future of integrated marketing look like?

Speaker: Dave McMullen, Partner/Strategic Planning, redpepper

SES San Francisco 2013