Getting true value out of social data

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Oracle case study

Company: Oracle

Published: 18 February 2014

Business Area: Social Media

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



We are entering a new phrase for social that sees it growing from just a "marketing" thing to something that provides value across marketing, sales, service, commerce and more.

Most enterprises understand the importance of listening to customer comments and conversations through social channels, and engaging and developing relationships with customers. But as the variety, volume and velocity of social data continues to grow, many organisations are looking for cost-effective ways to use this data to get a better understanding and more holistic view of their customer. Social data reveals a more complete picture and understanding of customers.

This white paper offers a brief overview of how organisations can make the best use of social media by implementing a framework to integrate social data with other enterprise and public or curated data. By understanding customers better and tracking the results of interactions, organisations can successfully monetise consumer relationships.