Driving Business Value with a Social and Content Master Plan, Chris Boggs

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SES case study

Company: SES

Published: 05 November 2013

Business Area: Social Media

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



Large brands have an average of 99 different social accounts, and some manage far more. How do you create a comprehensive social-content master plan to meet the constant demands for posts, articles, videos, and photos? How do you maintain a consistent voice and brand image across thousands, if not millions, of posts? How do you ensure that your social efforts are integrated with SEO and paid media? How do you address different client segments effectively across all of your social entities?

Attend this session to find the answers to these questions. Discover best practices for content creation, management, and measurement, and learn:

  • What guidelines to include in your social and content master plan.
  • How to integrate your social plan with SEO.
  • How to ensure that you are speaking the right language in the right communities.
  • How to track the thousands of social conversations sparked by your content.
  • How to measure the bottom-line business value of social content.
  • How Whole Foods uses a social-content master plan to manage over 600 branded social-media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and beyond), to which over 2,000 employees in 350 stores regularly contribute.

Chris Boggs, SES Advisory Board; COO/CMO, Internet Marketing Ninjas