The five Cs of effective content marketing

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Brightcove  case study

Company: Brightcove

Published: 02 May 2014

Business Area: Video

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The insatiable appetite of consumers for relevant, interesting and useful content provides rich opportunities for brands. Content marketing can help you build new kinds of relationships with customers and prospects, define your brand, and make every part of your marketing strategy more effective.

"Within the B2B space alone, over 75% of B2B companies already use content marketing, and over 73% planned to increase their investment in content marketing initiatives in 2014"

The use of video in B2B content marketing rose 70 percent in 2012 alone and shows no signs of slowing. More and more, brands understand that the role of video extends beyond individual initiatives, and integrate it into their content marketing strategy across the customer lifecycle.

As brands gain experience and sophistication in content marketing, they find five aspects particularly important for achieving full impact and ROI. This paper explores these five areas in order to help you realise the full value of your content marketing strategy.