Convergence Analytics: Digital Measurement in Transition

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ClickZ & Efectyv case study

Company: ClickZ & Efectyv

Published: 26 March 2013

Business Area: Marketing Strategies

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



The new paradigm in marketing is "everybody is measuring everything". This report will show you how this major refocus of digital analytics will affect and challenge you as a practitioner, vendor or investor.

You'll find out how a combination of...

  • big data
  • cloud computing
  • powerful algorithms
  • custom data connectors
  • sophisticated display layers

... has launched a new phase of marketing analytics with hundreds of vendors rapidly innovating as they compete in an unmapped new marketing terrain.

Based on our extensive survey, you'll find out:

  • how many practitioners are measuring multi-channel and how they define it
  • whether there's agreement on what "real-time" means in analytics
  • what mix of tools are currently used to measure multi-channel
  • how many vendors add professional services to their offering

Convergence Analytics: the confluence of digital marketing, big data, cloud computing, data connectors and sophisticated presentation-layer capabilities. You'll also discover the impact of connected data streams, the key capabilities of Convergence Analytics tools, the changing role of the analytics purchaser, plus survey findings, conclusions, recommendations and more.

Who Should Read This Report

The world's first Convergence Analytics report is a must have for any vendor, practitioner or investor interested in this evolving market.

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