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Company: BusinessOnline

Published: 05 March 2014

Business Area: Marketing Strategies

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



The Company Buying Journey (the CBJ) focuses on a company as the customer rather than an Individual. This new approach will help you forge stronger relationships with your customers by meeting their needs throughout each phase of their journey.

How is th CBJ different?

  1. It's not based on a funnel, but non-linear repeating circuit – kind of like a loopy celtic knot.
  2. The CBJ is only viewed from the customer’s perspective. Every decision begins with meeting the prospect's needs.
  3. The CBJ focuses on a company as the customer, rather than an individual.
  4. The CBJ simplifies to three main things you need to think about for each phase:
    CUSTOMER: Understand the needs of your prospects and customers.
    CONTENT: Respond to these needs by creating the right content
    CONNECT: Get your customers and content together.

The best way to meet your customers' needs is to put yourself in their shoes. You need to develop the right content and connect with them as they walk through each phase of their journey. That's what the Company Buying Journey is all about.

Read how to make it work for you in the attached e-book.

Build strong relationships and improve your performance.

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