Beyond the Last Click: Smart Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling, Premal Shah

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SES case study

Company: SES

Published: 06 November 2013

Business Area: Marketing Strategies

Format: Portable Document Format (.pdf)



Why are marketers getting it wrong, and losing money, with their current attribution? The days of the last-click-wins mentality and ad-hoc online strategies are coming to an end. In a world of real-time bidding and programmatic marketing, great investment is made in bringing data together and ensuring a personalized experience for each user, but too little attention is paid to accurate measurement and attribution.

Learn how to measure your digital marketing programs the right way. The session will examine:

  • How marketers are measuring digital marketing today.
  • The impact of the rise of mobile traffic (paid clicks, etc.).
  • The different types of attribution models.
  • ROI-driven Facebook Exchange, Twitter Ads API, Google Enhanced Campaigns, and Bing Product Ads (as newly introduced ad formats), and where marketers should allocate their ad spend.
  • The right and wrong ways to measure viewthrough attribution.
  • Why retargeting may be overvalued, causing marketers to waste money.
  • The increasing value of social media for advertisers.

Premal Shah, Vice President of Strategy, Chango