Campaign Automation: Sensible Strategies, Extreme Results, Steve Hammer

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SES case study

Company: SES

Published: 13 September 2013

Business Area: Media Buying

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Do you have someone on your team (maybe it's you!) who has developed the habit of looking through every single bid in an important PPC campaign, tweaking them to manage to KPI's, and in a week or so, doing it all over again, lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum? There's nothing wrong with this, within reason. But it doesn't scale. And following tacit rules in a haphazard fashion isn't as accurate as a methodology that takes rules seriously. Your creativity and strategic acumen aren't going anywhere, however. You must formulate and implement custom bid rules to achieve evolving objectives over different time horizons. The polar opposite of "too manual" is "opaque automation". At that extreme, you gain far less insight than you should by adopting the exact same techniques as your competitors using the same tools from the same large vendors. This session will open your eyes to customized, surgical ways of scaling your campaign management efforts using powerful automation methods including various underused features right within AdWords, and examples from the world of third-party automation tools tapping bid management and analytics via API's. Over time, appropriate use of automation leads to fast feedback cycles that help you eclipse the competition. Thus, extreme results. Yet to the untrained eye, the techniques used may appear deceptively simple.

Speaker: Steve Hammer, President, RankHammer

SES San Francisco 2013